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A comprehensive selection of classes to suit your child’s music theory needs. Whether you want to begin your journey into theory or pass your Grade 5 ABRSM, we have a class for you.

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Theory Classes


Theory classes are available in a 1:1 capacity online or on a Saturday morning (limited spots available). 

Online: All Music Theory


Our online classes will be led by our expert tutor and ABRSM examiner, Dr Chris Noble.


Students will join Zoom for an interactive theory class covering all that students need to know to reach their music theory needs.


Students will receive the resources and support they need to have a comprehensive understanding to complete their exams and feel confident in their musical studies.


Sessions are on hold until Sept 2023

Chris' enthusiasm is infectious and our child responds in a very positive manner. He has a natural way of engaging my son who at the end of the hour lesson always says it went quickly! We cannot thank Chris and the team enough for a friendly, professional, dedicated approach to teaching.


Mrs. Dawson, parent

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Dr. Chris Noble


As well as an experienced teacher, arranger and composer, Chris is an ABRSM examiner, and draws on this to help shape his friendly, engaging and informative lessons. Chris uses all of his own original materials and worksheets to help decode and demystify the ins-and-outs of music theory!

Whether it's learning about the basics of time & pitch, or studying Bach chorales and orchestral scores, Chris will help guide you through the aspects you need to learn.

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