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Tracks at the Arches

We invited writer and reviewer Victoria to come along and see what we do over at Tracks. She was not disappointed!

Sheffield always creates a vibrant buzz when it comes to the local music scene, and Tracks is

the perfect catalyst for such an atmosphere. At the end of March, I was invited by the lovely

director of Sheffield Music School, Lucy Revis, to watch the Tracks showcase at Yellow Arch

Studios, and it definitely did not disappoint, especially for a venue with such musical history.

From speaking with the students beforehand through doing interviews, I knew I was in for a

treat. The showcase opened my eyes to a whole pocket of talent within Sheffield City, which

remains a little secret amongst myself and those involved with the music school until they

burst into the wider artistic world. The high-quality production and work put into the show

really encouraged the budding talent that deserves flaunting. To see such a sense of

confidence, and even swagger, from people so young, was lovely to witness, and really

made me reflect on the importance of encouraging arts opportunities for students across

the nation, but especially in the north, where such options run scarcer. The encouraging

atmosphere, with heartfelt support from both staff and students, really put across the tight-

knit community which runs deep within Tracks and Sheffield Music School.

Each act was oozing with talent and genuine excitement to be performing, which came with

the sense of liberty they have to create their own musical niches and therefore explore what

works best for them. Tracks was a glimpse into the future of the UK music scene, with a

wide range of musical talent from indie to rap to R&B, and is a sense of hope that creative

passion is going to prevail with the growth of the creative scene amongst young people.

Victoria Ruck

We would like to thank Yellow Arch staff for a fantastic event.


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