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Folk Workshop- Jon boden

We have an exciting workshop for January 11th 2020 to include all students at SMS, Jon Boden, recipient of 11 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, more than any other musician, is booked to work with Sheffield Music School students on January 11th 2020.

Jon is a singer, guitarist, folk violinist, composer and arranger well known as the lead singer and main arranger in "Bellowhead". Boden also fronts his own band the "Remnant Kings", with band members including SMS associate Morven Bryce and Lucy Revis. The band regularly tour the country and perform at music festivals during the summer.

In 2010 Jon began a project to record and release "A Folk Song a Day", aiming to encourage others to build a repertoire of songs and engage in social singing. Boden holds a master's degree in Musical Theatre and has worked on theatrical productions, including plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company. This year he will receive an Honorary Doctorate from Durham University.

Photogrpaher-David Angel


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