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100 Musical Walks- Ed Cosens

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Between 1st March and 21st June, I will be doing 100 musical walks catching up with the city's musical heroes, visiting the important musical landmarks and blogging along the way to highlight the importance of music education. As a musician and teacher I have seen first hand the effects of lockdown on our young (and older) musicians both financially and mentally. By raising money for SMS I hope to help secure a future for as many young musicians as possible.


Walk no.1 with Ed Cosens

I am joined on walk number one with musician and friend Ed Cosens of legendary Sheffield band Reverend and The Makers. Ed has been making music in the city for 20 years and was ready to show me the sites of some of his favourite spots from his days as a youngster. We started our wander at Reverend and The Makers studio which is situated at Stag Works. Behind the archway bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Milburn, Little Man Tate, Harrisons and the Long Blondes have recorded, rehearsed and made the spot a must visit for music fans.

Ed has had 6 top 20 albums with his band and released and toured his own solo project. Due to lockdown, Ed waits for the day he can get back on the road and for now is spending time with his family and making music at home.

On our walk Ed showed me different venues and pubs with great musical legacies and despite the many changes in the city, there are still many city centre hotspots that will return to hosting live music soon.

Ed and the band have been supporters of Sheffield Music School by allowing young upcoming band Belle De Jour to run a rehearsal and mentor session in their studio with help from producer Dave Sanderson. Band member Laura McClure has also visited the music school for a careers talk on tour management.

“The future of the music industry is of course the next generation of musicians and songwriters and now more than ever it’s important to pass on the experience and knowledge us “older” heads have got to help the talented youngsters navigate a path through what is certainly a musical minefield!”

I hope that my walks will highlight the city's vibrant music scene and encourage music fans to support its future.


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